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LOST DOG -- PET ID: L126843

"Arrow aka Iggy"

Lost on Jul 9, 2024

CRESTVIEW, Florida, 32539

About Pet Owner
Name : Miranda HumphreyHome Phone : 8509022145
About Pet
Breed : toy fox terrier, chihuahuaSex : maleSpayed : yesAge : 2-5 yearsWeight : less than 10 lbs.Size : smallColor : white+ dark black+ medium brownPattern : Separate Color ZonesCollar : yesCollar Color : greenCollar Type : otherTag : yesTag Type : ownerEye Color : dark brownEar Size : largeEar Shape : erectNose Color : blackTail Shape : dockedHow Tail Carried : straight upCoat : shortOther : He has an arrow on his back right before his tail. He has a heart on his side. Both white. A tiny white line between his eyes. He went missing February,2023 from Crestview FL. It wouldn't let me go back that far. He was stolen and sold so he could be anywhere. Please help me find him.

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